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Serving Newcomer Refugee 


 Meeting the emergency security needs of at risk African Refugee/ Asylum seekers

Provide orientation and information to unique needs

Connect at risk newcomer African families to Mainstream services

 Health and wellness counseling

With Cultural Consideration

Settlement service with relevant, accurate, consistent, and timely to help newcomer Refugee make informed decisions about their settlement in Canada


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African Resettlement Emergency

Newcomer Refugee Orientation Information

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Settlement Services

Providing immigration and Refugee settlement support

Orientation and information

Training workshop

Recourse center

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Free Tax Clinic 

 Year Round

Income Tax clinic for the community by the community volunteer.

Tax filing of modest income with the aim to gaining Tax Benefits and Credits

In partnership with CRA

Peer Group Session 

Health Promotion For Sound Mind & Health     

Supporting Newcomers, Refugee Experiencing Trauma

Join our Peer group session, one on one counseling – social interaction, sharing experiences to relieve all forms of trauma.

Promotes a sense of safety, belonging and security.

Build confidence and self esteem.

Stimulate positive mind, spirit brain and overall health, lightens mood and feel happier. Lower risk of dementia

Wraparound service to navigate social services

Mental Health Support

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Addressing Gender Based Violence

What is Gender Based Violence

How to identify GBV

How to stop gender violence

How to support a victim

How to report one


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Anti Racism & Hate

Our commitment to helping victims of racism and hate crimes goes far
beyond ensuring their physical safety.

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